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Skip Paints

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Skip and Container paint - A tough long lasting, fast drying, semi-gloss primer finish made on a high build alkyd resin. Using Skip and Container paint eliminates the need for two coats and cuts the drying time between coat, reducing labour and paint costs. This protects against corrosion and impacts.

Because of the high build alkyd resin, you'll only need to give your skip one coat, as this paint cuts out the need for another. This not only reduces on labour and paint costs, it also reduces drying time. This is a tough and long lasting product and its semi-gloss primer finish can make even the dullest of skips and containers look great! We're one of the UK's leading manufacturers of paint, and we're very proud to say we produce all of it here on our shores. We accept large orders for industry and small quantities for individuals, and all our paints come in a range of 12 colours.