Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint (Top Coat) 20l White

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint
(Top Coat)

Epoxy Floor Paint
Two Pack Epoxy Floor Sealer (First Coat)

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Sealer
(First Coat)

Primers and Undercoats - 2 Pack Epoxy Floor Paint Preparation and Painting
Two-Pack High Build Epoxy Garage Floor Paint 20l White

Two-Pack High Build
Epoxy Floor Paint

Kennels Paint for K9 Cares
Anticorrosive High Build Phosphate Quick Dry Primer

Anticorrosive High Build
Phosphate Quick Dry Primer

Metal Primer - Red Oxide primer and paint
Antislip Quick Dry Concrete Floor Paint 20l White

Anti-Slip Quick Dry
Concrete Floor Paint

Painting the garage floor
Skip Paint 20l White

Skip & Container

brunswick green container paint


Floor Paint

Regal are second to none providing tough, protective, aesthetically pleasing and affordable industrial floor paint. We offer a wide range of products for various floor paint applications including garage floor paint and concrete paint to meet differing needs and budgets. Both our epoxy floor paint and single pack floor paint are fully industrial and made using the toughest of materials. Our industrial floor paint is priced in litres, not kilos so we don’t overcharge by you packing our products with heavy fillers (e.g. sand).


Metal Top Coat Paint

Our top coat metal paint is formulated to provide maximum levels of protection on a range of substrates. The resins we use in our topcoats are manufactured by world respected market leaders. Whether it be an agricultural oxide gloss or a high build quick dry enamel, our products ensure the highest levels of aesthetic finish.


Metal Primers and Undercoats

Primers are the foundation of any protective coating system. Our primers are excellent at providing a key to all substrate. Regal metal paints are made using high quality phosphates and pigments to give protection against corrosion. Our resins are blended to achieve build, fast drying and cross linking with top coats for overcoatablity.


Masonry Paint

Our extremely durable masonry paint covers all bases when needing to protect your surfaces against weather damage or to leave them washable. As one of the UK’s leading paint manufacturers, Regal masonry paint offers superb covering strength and lengthy protection to all exterior substrates. Also suitable for painting interior walls of factories and warehouses. We also manufacture parlour paint, ideal for milking parlour walls where jetwashing is needed to keep the walls hygienically clean.


Skip Paint

A tough long lasting and fast drying semi-gloss primer finish, made on a high build synthetic alkyd resin. Our popular skip and container paint eliminates the need for two coats of metal paint and cuts out the drying time between coats. Reducing labour and paint costs whilst protecting against corrosion and impact. As we make all our paints on site, we can turnaround orders quickly and so supply many skip and shipping container companies  up and down the UK.


Rollers, Brushes and Extras

Using the correct tools for the job is essential to ensure a smooth and successful application. Our products are fully industrial which will means that rollers and brushes can’t be reused. Therefore disposable brushes, mixer paddles and roller heads are essential.

Regal Paints

Made in

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Why Choose Regal®?

Industrial Protective Paints Ltd is the UK manufacturer and owner of the Regal® brand of paint. Regal Paints are specialist manufacturers of high performance, long-lasting floor paint and metal paint for a complete range of industrial and commercial applications.

We also manufacture masonry paints and wood paint (suitable for MDF and composite board).

Our raw materials are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers to ensure a quality end-product and finishing. We have excellent long-standing relationships with our epoxy, alkyd, acrylic and urethane resin suppliers, which means we can offer new coatings technologies as soon as they arrive.

As a result, we offer the most competitive prices on our industrial paints and can design products to meet individual specifications.

Regal Paints are manufactured at our Stoke-on-Trent factory. Our range includes epoxy floor paint, concrete floor paint, quick-drying floor paint, garage floor paint, anti-slip floor paint. Suitable for warehouse floors, factory floors, commercial garages, MOT centres, showrooms, chemical plants, storage units, kennels and catteries and more.

Whatever project you have in mind, the team at Regal Paints is happy to help with advice and technical knowledge. Please call us on 01782 550733 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, use the search facility to find answers to FAQs or visit our floor paint and metal paint pages for useful information.

Cut out the middle-man & buy direct from our factory

Regal Paints

IPP Ltd – THE Regal® Paint Specialists, based in Staffordshire

Why Choose Our Regal® Brand?

We are the manufacturer of the Regal® brand of floor, metal, wood and masonry paints. As a result, we are able to offer the most competitive prices on our industrial paints and we are able to design products to meet individual specific needs such as quick drying, hard film, extra gloss. Our raw materials are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers in order to ensure a quality end-product and finishing. We have excellent long-standing relationships with our epoxy, alkyd, acrylic and urethane resin suppliers, which means we can offer new coatings technologies as soon as they arrive. 


Painting gates and railings at Balmoral Castle

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Painting Train Tracks at Evergreens Miniature Railway

Congratulations to Kevin who is a joint winner of our December #showusyourproject competition! December Winner: Painting 5in Gauge Raised Track and its supporting [...]

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Wembley Arena

“You have gone down as a hero!”

Client review – Wembley Stadium

“We’ve been left with a gallery type environment in the showroom which helps the cars standout and maximise their looks.”

Client review – Premier GT

Premier GT Showroom
As seen in Industrial Exchange and Mart and Pistonheads

As seen in Industrial Exchange and Mart and Pistonheads

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