From: £5.00 ex. VAT - £6.00 inc. VAT

Pumice aggregate is an extremely light aggregate which is mixed into the paint prior to application. It gives a rough-profiled finish and significantly increase slip resistance. When using, pour the pumice into the paint and mix thoroughly. After mixing, use the paint immediately. The paint must be applied with a roller to achieve a consistent finish. A natural stone rather than plastic microbeads.

From: £6.00 ex. VAT - £7.20 inc. VAT

SuperTough Aggregate is an iron-silicate grit. It has good shatter resistance and has a hard, sharp finish to give fantastic grip. To use SuperTough Aggregate on a previously-painted floor, apply a coat of floor paint and then liberally scatter the grit over the surface of the wet paint. Allow the floor to dry for a full 24 hours. Once dry, remove the excess SuperTough Aggregate that hasn’t stuck with a soft brush. Then the paint over the whole surface of the floor again to seal the grit in place on the floor.

£21.00 ex. VAT - £25.20 inc. VAT

A heavy duty, low odour degreasing detergent. Specially formulated for the removal of grease, oils, fats and stubborn deposits from floors, walls, machinery, paintwork and other hard surfaces. Ideal for preparing your floor ready for a first coat. Used by floor contractors to clean concrete prior to painting. Suitable for the engineering industry, food handling sector, offices, shops, hotels and many other areas where regular cleaning is required. A biodegradable, low caustic, low odour, non-solvent cleaner. It can also be used as an ongoing maintenance product to remove foot and tyre marks from painted floors.  

£22.50 ex. VAT - £27.00 inc. VAT

Clean n Etch - This acid etch product is made for very smooth / power floated floors or dirty floors. Clean n Etch is a highly concentrated blend of non-fuming acidic compounds and cleaning agents, specifically developed to prepare concrete floors prior to applying paints and other protective coatings.

From: £39.50 ex. VAT - £47.40 inc. VAT

Regal Clear Finish is ideal as a finishing coat over our epoxy or single pack floor paints to enhance gloss levels. A 2-pack acrylic which is fast drying and has excellent hardness. To be applied very thinly.

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