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Anti Slip Floor Paint

Do you need slip resistance on your floor?

Thank you for browsing our selection of anti slip products, which can be used where increased traction is of importance. Perhaps you have a work area, mezzanine deck or ramp where you need to reduce the chance of slipping and need enhanced grip underfoot or between the floor and equipment or machinery? Available in our full range of colours, we manufacture anti slip paint with a wax additive to increase the slip resistance.

Do you need a more heavy duty anti slip paint?

We offer two solutions to give the surface more texture. Firstly, a pumice aggregate. This is mixed into the paint prior to application. It gives the floor more of a sand-papery type finish and significantly increases slip resistance.

The second solution is an iron-silicate grit which is scattered over wet paint. This gives the floor a hard, sharp finish.

One of our customers runs a large online sportwear retail company. They have a large volume of trolley traffic on work zone walkways and needed to reduce the skidding of items being wheeled in trollies along the floor. A more heavy duty solution was required to significantly increase the anti slip properties of the floor. They were very happy with the pumice additive in this instance.

Do you need help with our anti slip products?

Please don’t hesitate to call our customer service number 01782 550733 or email if you have any questions or need any help with these products.

From: £34.50 ex. VAT - £41.40 inc. VAT

Anti Slip Quick Dry Concrete Floor Paint is a made with the addition of a wax additive to give more slip resistance to your floor. This is a single pack paint (does not need an activator) and gives protection against solvent, salt and water damage. Having good durability and impact resistance, it is suitable for use in heavy duty commercial and industrial areas. – Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre – Touch Drying Time: 3-6 hours – Recoat: 24 hours – Hard Drying Time: 48 hours  

From: £32.50 ex. VAT - £39.00 inc. VAT

Floor Primer made to use in conjunction with any of the Regal single pack topcoat floor paints. Not suitable for use with our epoxy topcoat floor paint. Regal Prime and Seal is a single pack, quick drying, low viscosity, penetrating first-coat floor primer. Designed to soak into the substrate, it enhances adhesion of subsequent top coats by acting as an anchor layer between the substrate and floor paint. Regal Prime and Seal dries with a flat finish. The colour is non specific. - Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre - Touch Drying Time: 2-4 hours - Recoat: 24 hours - Hard Drying Time: 24 hours You might be thinking does floor paint need primer? Please read our information page 'what does floor primer do?'.

From: £6.00 ex. VAT - £7.20 inc. VAT

Pumice aggregate is an extremely lightweight natural material which is mixed into the paint prior to application. It gives a rough-profiled finish and significantly increases slip resistance. When using, pour the pumice into the paint and mix thoroughly. After mixing, use the paint immediately. Apply the paint with a roller to achieve a consistent finish. A natural stone alternative to plastic microbeads.

From: £7.00 ex. VAT - £8.40 inc. VAT

SuperTough Aggregate is an iron-silicate grit. With much larger particles than our Pumice Aggregate, it has a hard, sharp finish to give fantastic grip when used in conjunction with our floor paints. To use SuperTough Aggregate, firstly apply a coat of floor paint and then liberally scatter the grit over the surface of the wet paint. Allow the floor to dry for a full 24 hours. Once dry, use a soft brush to remove the excess SuperTough Aggregate that hasn’t stuck. Then paint over the whole surface of the floor again to seal the grit in place on the floor.  

Featured Anti-Slip Floor Paint Projects

Painting a Pathway

One of the entries received for our October competition is this modern and stylish upgrade of the customer’s brick pathway. The customer wanted to paint the path so that it would match the modern, grey, anthracite colour of the new door and windows.

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