Epoxy Resin Floor Paint – Cold Weather Tips

Cold Weather Tips for applying Epoxy Resin Floor Paint We are frequently asked about the best conditions to apply Epoxy Resin Floor Paint and whether cold weather has any effect on the success of using floor paint. When the temperatures start to fall and the nights start to draw in, it’s [...]

Which Floor Paint Is Most Appropriate For Your Project?

Contrary to popular belief, one paint is not suitable for each-and-every material found in this world. All of the products that you find on the market are specifically designed for a single purpose. For example, some feature anti-slip additives, meaning that they can be traversed over with ease. Others are [...]

Why Should You Entrust Your Business With Regal Paint?

There are countless reasons as to why you may be looking to purchase large quantities of industrial-grade paint. It could be that you have recently acquired a dilapidated property that you are beginning to renovate; perhaps you are trying to improve the aesthetics of your office block. Whatever your reasoning, [...]

Why is Grey Floor Paint so popular for Garage Floors?

When it comes to garage floor paints, grey floor paint is consistently our best selling product lines. While Regal manufacture this floor paint in two shades of grey, it is the lighter of the two that we are asked for repeatedly, comprising a mammoth 70% of all our colour requests! [...]

Painting driveways and patios with floor paint?

Regal Paints manufacture paints for commercial and industrial interior floors as well as for metal coatings. Aside from these intended uses for our paints, we have had many customers using our floor paints during lockdown as driveway and patio paints.

Spray painting a whole shipping container in just ten minutes?

We came across a really good demonstration of how quickly spray painting a shipping container using container paint and a spray paint machine.

Tips of the trade for painting your garage

Nothing is a substitute for experience and when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of painting garage floors, we have more experience than most! Below are some of our tried and tested tips for getting the best results from your work to give you a garage floor you can [...]

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

Removing Paint from your Carpets Industrial paint products are great, especially when it comes to their durability and long lasting adhesion to surfaces, but when floor paint gets in the wrong place, it can be a problem. In order to make sure your carpets are protected and removal is effective [...]

Floor Painting Issues FAQ

We have listed and explained the most common issues that we have come across over the years. These are industry-wide problems and so are issues that you may have with any floor that you may have painted with paint from any manufacturer….the problem is not always the paint!

Floor Preparation Advice FAQ

To ensure that you achieve the maximum level of adherence between the paint and the substrate, and therefore a long-lasting finish, how do you prepare a floor for painting? Here we give you our tips on floor preparation.

Single Pack Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Single Pack Floor System - Our popular single pack paint system will give you a long-lasting and quality finish to your floor. Here we answer the most commonly asked questions, from what primer coat to use to how long to wait until you walk on the floor.

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint - Epoxy is our most hard-wearing and durable floor coating. There are several questions that we are frequently asked by our customer. Here we try to answer them all, however please still contact us on 01782 550733 if you need any help with our products.

Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Floor Paint Systems - Did you know that you need to use a compatible primer and topcoat when painting a floor? Unsure what a floor-paint system is? Our compatible products are shown in this blog.

Priming a Floor FAQ

Priming a Floor - You may have many questions about the benefits of priming a floor.Do you really need to use a primer? And Why? We answer those questions for you.

Epoxy Floor Problems – A Troubleshooting Guide

Epoxy Floor Troubleshooting Guide The Epoxy Floor Paint appears to be peeling off Possible explanations Primer was not used? You should always apply an appropriate epoxy primer before the application of epoxy floor paint. Primers are helpful because they are able to penetrate the pores of the substrate (e.g. a [...]

What are Concrete Moisture Meters?

A concrete moisture meter (sometimes known as a damp meter) is a portable instrument used by installers of flooring for finding the moisture levels in concrete. Uses Concrete moisture meters have been used for many years to determine the moisture content in a variety of materials and substances. Moisture meters [...]

Amine Blush and Amine Bloom

Amine Blush and Amine Bloom of Epoxy Binder Systems in Protective Coatings can present a challenge. Blushing can occur when epoxy binder systems are applied under cold / humid conditions. Amine blush is a negative side effect of the normal curing reaction which can appear on the coating or flooring surface. This problem can appear in [...]

Applying Epoxy Floor Paint – The Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid!

Applying Epoxy Floor Paint – The Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid! Want to get it right when applying epoxy floor paint? If you are looking at carrying out a DIY garage floor epoxy installation, you may wish to consider this ESSENTIAL CHECKLIST in order to avoid the most frequently occurring errors made by people [...]

Concrete Paint – What to look out for

Concrete paint is incredibly versatile! Few products are able to improve and transform the appearance of your garage floor as cost effectively as a suitable garage floor paint.  While many homes have tired, ugly garage floors, choosing a floor paint that compliments your home and is of a high quality can transform [...]

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint – Hot Tyre Pickup

Are you considering using epoxy garage floor paint? Perhaps the main concern expressed by people considering using Epoxy Garage Floor Paint on a project is a phenomenon called, in the trade, “Hot Tyre Pickup” otherwise known as “Hot Tyre Lift”. Many people who choose a light duty garage floor paint can [...]

Floor Preparation Checklist

The issue of preparation is not unique to the required preparation of a floor for concrete floor paint or epoxy floor paint, but is related to more common considerations with other home improvement jobs. If you were to ask any good painter or decorator if they should put in the [...]