Basement Floor Paint

Basement Floor Paint – Basement and gallery floors need to be hardwearing above all else, and need a floor paint capable of standing up to the constant movement of heavy furniture, bulk storage and high footfall while remaining in a safe and presentable condition at all times. 

Catteries Paint

Catteries Paint – It’s important to select the proper paint for protecting your cattery floor and wall surfaces – using the floor coating for the job will make it far easier to keep surfaces hygienic, protected and looking neat and tidy in long-term everyday use.

Car Park Paint

Car park paint needs, above all, to be robust enough to withstand constant high traffic levels and exposure to the elements. These specialist floor paints also need to maintain a clean and tidy appearance that makes it easy for users to see clear line markings and discern where various zones begin or end.

Commercial Kitchens Paint

Commercial Kitchen Paint – Durability is absolutely paramount in all commercial kitchen and food preparation environments, where dozens of daily spillages and wipe-ups require a protective coating that’s tough enough to stand up to constant cleaning and a wide range of temperatures.

Corridor Paint

Corridor paint primarily needsto be robust enough to provide long-term, hardwearing protection in these typically high-traffic areas – as well as looking great and providing a tidy, comfortable finish, of course.

Corrugated Iron Paint

We stock a number of Corrugated Iron Paint products ideal for protecting and sprucing up uncoated or weathered corrugated iron, galvanised sheets and metal cladding. Among our range you’ll find corrugated iron paint in various rich pigments that will dramatically improve the looks of your metal cladding or profile roof.

Dog Kennel Floor Paint

It’s important to select the proper dog kennel floor paint for protecting your kennel floor and wall surfaces – using the right product for the job will make it far easier to keep surfaces hygienic, protected and looking neat and tidy in long-term everyday use.

Gallery Floor Paint

The key requirements for Gallery floor paint are to provide both a clean environment for visitors and staff, whilst also ensuring a safe, anti-slip, easy to maintain surface. It also needs to offer an aesthetically pleasing environment that compliments the architecture and interior design.

Heavy Traffic Area Paint

Heavy Traffic Area Paint is designed and formulated for high traffic areas primarily need to offer you a particularly robust and hardwearing surface, in order to provide long-lasting protection against increased footfall and other types of intensive environmental use.

Hospitals Paint

Primary requirements for specialised hospitals paint for floors and surfaces are that they need to help create a safe, hygienic environment for patients and staff alike. In addition to this, they also need to be easy to clean and maintain, highly resistant to gradual breakdown in high traffic areas, and provide a neat and tidy finish to enhance overall comfort for all users.

Laundry Room Paint

Laundry room paint primarily needs to be highly resistant to daily wear and tear, as well as providing an attractive and low-maintenance surface that’s well suited to environments in which it’s equally likely to come into occasional contact with water, chemicals and delicate fabrics.

Machinery Paint

Machinery paint not only needs to be fantastically hardwearing and stand up to the rigours of everyday intensive use over the long term; it also needs to provide a superbly high quality coating that won’t flake or wear down on the job and risk interfering with the smooth operation of the machinery it’s there to protect.

Mezzanine Floor Paint

Our mezzanine floor paint selection features enhanced coatings ideally formulated for use on mezzanine decks and raised floor slabs. As in any commercial or industrial environment, safety and resilience are paramount – these Regal Paint products provide excellent adhesion qualities as well as allowing for a degree of flexibility and impact resistance.

Museums Paint

Museums Paint and gallery floor paint need to provide both a clean and comfortable environment for customers and staff, while remaining safe, non-slippery and easy to maintain over prolonged periods of extremely high footfall and product movement. It also needs to offer a flawless finish that looks beautifully professional, of course!

Oil Rigs Paint

Oil Rigs Paint – If we had to pick out the single toughest job for paintwork to stand up to, it would have to be as a protective coating for oil rigs – few surfaces are under quite such constant exposure to high winds, lashing rain, and of course the small daily matter of tons of crashing saltwater.

Restaurant Paint

Restaurant Paint – Restaurant and dining premises present a few particular challenges in terms of choosing the ideal coatings for your surfaces – not least because most restaurants tend to incorporate a range of very different environments within one building!

Shop Floor Paint

Shop Floor Paint – Maintaining a clean, professional look and creating a comfortable, tidy atmosphere are of course vital for any successful shop floor setting. Moreover, you need to ensure that both staff and customers alike are provided with a safe and secure environment that always looks impressive.

Shipping Containers Paint

Shipping Containers Paint is an essential product for maintaining and clearly branding up the shipping containers that are essential for the flow of goods through international ports. These paints need to be robust easy to apply and long lasting.

Stable Paint

Stable Paint – The Regal line of stable paints and protective coatings offer you wonderful ease of cleaning and truly long-lasting protection, helping to create a safe, tidy and hygienic finish for walls and surfaces that need to stand up to regular intensive hosing and washing.

Stadium Floor Paint

Stadium Floor Paint – Specialist products high-traffic event spaces – Stadium floors can sometimes have to stand up to the wear and tear of the footfall of thousands of visitors in a day. With floors of such size it is perhaps more important than ever that the paint that is selected is fit for purpose and able to withstand repeated wear and tear.

Steel Bridges Paint

Steel Bridge Paint – We’ve all heard the old joke about how painting the Forth Bridge is the job that never gets finished – getting it covered takes so long, you barely get to one end before having to go back and re-do the other side again! Thankfully, modern paint technologies have rendered this old cliché somewhat redundant these days.

Storage Room Paint

Storage Room Paint – Let’s face it, storage spaces can quickly start to look shabby – particularly in high traffic areas that are only ever used fleetingly. Even so, keeping these key areas looking shipshape can have a real impact on the smooth running of almost any business, workshop or studio.

Studio Floor Paint

Studio Floor Paint – As well as making an important contribution to any truly inspiring workshop or crafting space, studio floor paint needs to offer robust protection against the wide range of spills and knocks that inevitably form part of the creative process!

Timber Paint

Timber Paint – Choosing the right paint for the timber job you’re working on is crucial if you want to provide lasting protection – with the proper preparation, treatments, preservatives and paint choices, you can keep wooden surfaces structurally sound and looking great for many years.

Tractors Paint

Tractors Paint – When choosing and applying tractor paint, the number one thing you need to be guaranteed is superb resistance to the elements, ensuring that your valuable workhorses stay protected for longer – whatever tough conditions they’re being operated and stored in.

Trailer Paint

Trailer Paint – When choosing and applying trailer paint, the number one thing you need to be guaranteed is superb resistance to the elements, ensuring that your valuable workhorses stay protected for longer – whatever tough conditions they’re being operated and stored in.

Walkways Paint

Walkways Paint is designed and formulated for walkways and other high traffic areas that primarily need to offer you a more robust, hardwearing and non-slip surface, providing long-lasting safety and protection in zones where increased footfall and other types of intensive environmental use are expected.