Regal Floor Paint are manufacturers of Industrial Protective Paints which are used for a wide variety of applications. As well as our very popular ranges of garage floor paints and concrete paints, we also supply line marking paints and paints suitable for a spectrum of uses. We produce an extensive range of paints that are formulated for use for floors.

In addition to these products, our clients sometimes require specialist floor paints which must have certain properties (for example, extra short drying time) in order to be suitable for particular applications. Our technical sales team are happy to consult with you to discuss the feasibility of specialist requirements. Please call us for help or advice on 01782 550733.

Regal Paint® - Floor Paint Manufacturers

Regal Paint® manufactures hard wearing, long lasting, high-performance floor paint for a complete range of applications, both industrial and commercial. Our floor paints are ideally suited for application on warehouse floors, factory floors, commercial garages, MOT centres, showrooms, chemical plants, galleries and much more. Regal Paints are specialist manufacturers of epoxy floor paint, concrete floor paint, quick-drying paint, garage floor paint and more. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or consult our floor coatings FAQ section for more information..
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