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Primers and Undercoats

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Anticorrosive High Build Phosphate Quick Dry Primer is a single pack priming solution suitable for most metal substrates. This metal paint is also suitable for pre-treated aluminium and galvanised steel. High Build Phosphate Quick Dry Primer gives excellent protection against corrosion. Excellent build levels and can be re-coated in most types of finish. - Coverage: 5 m² per litre - Touch Drying Time: 30 mins - 1 hr - Recoat: 12 hrs - Hard Drying Time: 24 hrs

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Two-Pack Epoxy Metal Primer - Designed for a wide range of metal substrates, our two pack epoxy primer offers excellent durability and resistance to contact with solvents, acids, alkalis and salts. It’s hardwearing surface gives good protection against corrosion due to it’s phosphate content. Two-Pack Epoxy Metal Primer is suitable for galvanised steel and aluminium. - Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre - Touch Drying Time: 12 hrs - Recoat: 24 hrs - Hard Drying Time: 48 hrs - Full Cure: 7 days

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Floor Primer made to use in conjunction with any of the Regal single pack topcoat floor paints. Not suitable for use with our epoxy topcoat floor paint. Regal Prime and Seal is a single pack, quick drying, low viscosity, penetrating first-coat floor primer. Designed to soak into the substrate, it enhances adhesion of subsequent top coats by acting as an anchor layer between the substrate and floor paint. Regal Prime and Seal dries with a flat finish. The colour is non specific. - Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre - Touch Drying Time: 2-4 hours - Recoat: 24 hours - Hard Drying Time: 24 hours You might be thinking does floor paint need primer? Please read our information page 'what does floor primer do?'.

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Clean n Etch - This acid etch product is made for very smooth / power floated floors or dirty floors. Clean n Etch is a highly concentrated blend of non-fuming acidic compounds and cleaning agents, specifically developed to prepare concrete floors prior to applying paints and other protective coatings.

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A heavy duty, low odour degreasing detergent. Specially formulated for the removal of grease, oils, fats and stubborn deposits from floors, walls, machinery, paintwork and other hard surfaces. Ideal for preparing your floor ready for a first coat. Used by floor contractors to clean concrete prior to painting. Suitable for the engineering industry, food handling sector, offices, shops, hotels and many other areas where regular cleaning is required. A biodegradable, low caustic, low odour, non-solvent cleaner. It can also be used as an ongoing maintenance product to remove foot and tyre marks from painted floors.