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High Build Floor Paint

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Line Marking Paint - A single-pack quick dry high build floor paint which provides very good durability against abrasion and impact along with with protection against solvent, salt and water damage.

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Quick Dry High Build Floor Paint - A single pack quick dry floor coating which provides good durability against abrasion and impact along with with protection against solvent, salt and water damage. Very easy to apply. Suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial areas.

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Two Pack High Build Epoxy Garage Floor Paint - Designed for application to concrete, cement and non ferrous metals. Excellent resistance to water, solvents, acids, alkalis and salts. Gives superb adhesion to all recommended substrates. Tough finish has long lasting abrasion and impact resistance. Recommended for areas receiving heavy traffic (vehicle/trucks). - Coverage: 5-7 m² per litre - Touch Drying Time: 12-16 hrs - Recoat: 24 hrs - Hard Drying Time: 48 hrs - Full Cure: 7 days

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Regal Prime & Seal is a single pack quick dry low viscosity penetrating first coat primer. It's designed to soak into the substrate, providing excellent adhesion of subsequent top coats. Using Regal Prime & Seal will reduce any risk off delamination due to poor penetration of heavy top coats. The sealer anchors the topcoats into the floor. Regal Prime & Seal dries with a flat finish and is opaque in colour. - Coverage: 5-10 m² per litre - Touch Drying Time: 2-4 hours - Recoat: 24 hours - Hard Drying Time: 24 hours

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Pumice aggregate is an extremely light aggregate which has the advantage of being able to mix into the paint prior to application. It is a non-microbead solution to a fine, aggregated finish. Pumice gives a rough-profiled finish and significantly increase slip resistance. When using, pour the pumice into the paint and mix thoroughly. After mixing, use the paint immediately. The paint must be applied with a roller to achieve a consistent finish.

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SuperTough Aggregate is an iron-silicate grit. It has good shatter resistance and has a hard, sharp finish to give fantastic grip. To use SuperTough Aggregate on a previously-painted floor, apply a coat of floor paint and then liberally scatter the grit over the surface of the wet paint. Allow the floor to dry for a full 24 hours. Once dry, remove the excess SuperTough Aggregate that hasn’t stuck with a soft brush. Then the paint over the whole surface of the floor again to seal the grit in place on the floor.