A Look At The Painting Accessories You Cannot Do Without

Any tradesman that takes pride in being well prepared for any job that might come their way, the list below may seem a little obvious. However, there are countless individuals in this world that endeavour to carry out their own private painting projects, only to realise too-late that they do not have the adequate tools to achieve a first-class finish. There is no need to despair, should you find yourself in this situation – there are plenty of firms which can supply you with the products that you need. Case-and-point, the team here at Regal Paint are able to provide you with a collection consisting of the most essential painting accessories.

Spiked Overshoes

If this is your first time embarking on a serious painting project, it is important that you know that it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you do not end up needing to walk over a floor surface which you have recently coated. Understandably, you will not want to smudge or ruin the work that you have already completed. It is for this reason that a wise move is to purchase spiked overshoes; whilst low in price, their ability to successfully ensure that you do not step in adhesive is second-to-none.

Floor Roller Frames

Regardless of whether you are applying paint to a concrete floor within your garage, or wooden panels which you are using in a construction project, the likelihood is that you will be using rollers of varying size and texture. As such, it would be unwise to use a single frame for each one, as many will be ill-fitting, thus impacting the quality of result which you will be able to procure. As such, it makes sense to stock up on a number of steel roller frames – even if you do not get round to using them all on this initial job, they will come in handy in the future.

Disposable Paint Brushes

Should you be someone that does not typically undertake painting jobs on a regular basis, it is hardly likely that you will want to fill your shed with brushes that aren’t going to see the light of day ever again. Therefore, the most sensible option is to purchase disposable paint brushes. Not only are these high-quality in their composition, with fantastic bristles, but they are also compatible with a range of floor paints, meaning you will not need to fret about them reacting with the solvent which is present.

Anti-Slip Additives

Although you may not realise it, not all paints which you purchase from retailers exhibit anti-slip properties. This means that should you be painting, for example, a wooden floor, you may be left with a glossy finish which may look incredible, but is a potential health and safety hazard. Thankfully, there is something to be done about this, in the form of buying anti-slip additives. It does not matter if you opt for SuperTough Aggregate or Pumice Aggregate – the end result is that there will be increased grip in your finished article.

Regal Paint – Here To Help

Have you become tired of trying to buy some garage floor paint which is not only an aesthetically pleasing colour, but is durable enough to last for years to come? Would you like to work with a company which, having been operating in this industry for more than thirty years, has a wealth of industry-specific knowledge? In case you did not already know, we are Regal Paint. As a firm, we have garnered a reputation for our ability to supply top-of-the-range products at incredible prices. Not only this, but our customer support is second-to-none. Those of you that have questions regarding our operations, please speak to a member of our team via the methods outlined on our website’s contact page