What Are The Most Popular Industrial Paints Available On The Market?

In case you did not already realise it, there is no single-type of paint which can be used upon each-and-every surface. When you purchase a paint for a specific application purpose, it is important to recognise that it will be imbued with certain properties which allow it to last for as long as possible. Having been operating within this industry for more than thirty years, the painting experts here at Regal Paint have a keen understanding of the most popular paints currently being sold, and what they are composed of. If you would like to become privy to this knowledge, you are invited to check out our thoughts below.

Metal Paint

Should you have attempted to apply paint to metal in the past, you will be familiar with the stress that this process can cause – this is due to the way in which traditional paint slides off. It is for this reason that metal paints must be able to dry seemingly-instantaneous, whilst also be able to handle the heavy-duty operations of the devices which they are applied to. For your forklift truck, we would suggest a Quick Dry Gloss Enamel; the top-tier finish complements the studiness perfectly.

Floor Paint

If you were to compare the various substances on this list, it would be factory floor paint which undoubtedly comes in as the most durable. This is unsurprising, due to the fact that it needs to be able to withstand almost-constant footfall on a daily basis. Within this category, there are a number of different options available. Should you be looking to safeguard your floor from scratches and marks, it is worth investing in Epoxy Resin Floor Paint, as these are known to be significantly harder than other units. Alternatively, the Anti-Slip Floor Paint will work wonders within warehouses and similar establishments.

Masonry Paint

For those of you that are working with concrete, or any material which is subjected to the harsh British climate, it is important to invest in a product that can protect against the weather. Masonry paint is notorious not only because of the glossy finish which it provides, but the chemical resistance which is built-in to the paint. If you are sceptical of this, take a look at the Parlour Wall Paint – with this, moisture will not find any way through.

Wood Paint

Were you to take a poll amongst business owners, in regards to which was the most troublesome material to paint, the results would come back in overwhelming favour of wood. Similar to concrete, it spends prolonged periods of time in the open air, meaning it needs to be a fast-cure product that dries exceptionally quickly. Whilst wood paint may not have the smooth gloss finish which is exhibited by some of the other products on this list, this by no means is a second-class substance. The Plywood & MDF Paint is a firm favourite of consumers, for example, for the toughness that it showcases.

Why Choose Regal Paint?

When it comes to locating a company which has an extensive catalogue full of such products as industrial floor paints and epoxy resin-based paints, the only name that should come to mind is that of Regal Paint. To those of you that would like to decorate their warehouse floor surface with a substance that can easily stand the test of time, we assure you that we will not let you down. The quality of our units is matched only by the competitively-low prices which can be found throughout our collection. If you have a query that you wish to raise with one of our representatives, we ask that you do so using the contact methods that are located on our website.