Buyer: Richard Dunn
Product: Steel Roller Frames
Date: 9 Jul 2014
Regal Floor Paints 9 Star Review

Excellent product, much better than the normal ones I tried before due to being sturdier and just having the right amount of thickness. The metal roller frames that Regal can supply make using a roller a much nicer experience too. One of these has made applying epoxy paint to my garage floor a much more pleasant experience. The only downside is the 9 one only just fits in a standard roller tray.

From: £8.20 ex. VAT - £9.84 inc. VAT

Steel Roller Frames - These floor roller frames are made from high strength galvanised steel, and available in 9" (Alloy), 12", 15" & 18". The Roller frame bar is secured with a split-pin allowing easy removal.