Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Floor Paint Systems

Did you know that you need to use a compatible primer and topcoat when painting a floor? Unsure what a floor-paint system is? Our compatible products are shown in this blog.

What floor-paint systems do you sell?

One of the raw materials used in our paints is resin. Different resins have different chemical properties. Some resins work well together and some do not. This gives you the option of buying a primer first-coat and a top-coat which are based on the same, or compatible, resins.  Using the correct combination of products, or ‘paint system’, creates cross-linking and increased bonding between the primer and top-coat.

What is a floor-paint system?

We manufacture and sell both single-pack and two-pack epoxy paint systems. Both systems have a compatible primer (first-coat) and top coats specifically made on compatible resins. We have summarised the compatible products here.

Which products are compatible within the different systems?

It is important that you choose products from the same system. To help clear up any confusion, please see the compatibility table below. If you are still unsure, please call us on 01782 550733.

Single Pack Floor Paint

Two-Pack Floor Paint

Can I mix and match from paint systems?

No. Please do not use products from different systems on the same floor. You may run into problems such as the floor paint remaining tacky or the paint drying but then lifting. Only use compatible products. If you are unsure what to choose, please contact us and we are happy to help.

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