Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint System

Epoxy is our most hard-wearing and durable floor coating. There are several questions that we are frequently asked by our customers on the subject of two-pack epoxy floor paint systems. Here we try to answer them all, however please still contact us on 01782 550733 if you need any help with our products.

The Epoxy Floor Paint System – What Is “Two-Pack” Epoxy Floor Paint

  • ‘Two-Pack’ literally means two items per product.
  • The Regal Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint System will come to you in two parts: the pigmented resin (in the larger can) and the epoxy activator (in the smaller can).
  • You will need to pour the activator into the pigmented resin and thoroughly mix the two together, using a paint mixer, before the paint can be used.
  • Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint is our most hard-wearing paint.
  • We recommend the use of the Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Sealer as a first coat under the Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint.
Applying Two-Pack Epoxy

See our 2 Pack Epoxy Floor Preparation Guide >

Which first coat should I use to prime and seal the floor?

If you are planning to use a two-pack epoxy top-coat, please ensure that you use the two-pack epoxy floor sealer as the primer coat. This is the only compatible first coat. Any other products will not cross-link with the epoxy top coat and you will risk running into problems.

How to mix two-pack epoxy paint

We recommend that you mix Regal epoxy floor paint using a mechanical method. Ideally you should use a mixing paddle specifically designed to attach to a drill. Make sure that you spend adequate time mixing the epoxy. Some components of the pigmented resin (in the larger or the two cans you receive) will be heavier than others and so will naturally sink to the bottom of the can. You must ensure that you really mix well. Be careful, however, not to get too over-excited and mix so vigorously that it causes bubbles in the paint.

What do I apply two-pack epoxy paint with?

You do not need to use a roller tray. Apply the paint by pouring directly onto the floor. Use specialist floor roller-sleeves and frames. Do not use ordinary wall-rollers from a DIY shop as they will not have solvent resistance and may disintegrate. You may also want to cut in the edges using brushes.

How does two-pack epoxy paint dry?

Two-pack epoxy paint dries or “cures” by way of a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction will begin when you add the activator (in the smaller can) to the pigmented resin (in the larger can).  

Is two-pack epoxy paint temperature sensitive?

Yes, two-pack epoxy floor paint is temperature sensitive  For further information, read our guide on applying epoxy resin paint in cold weather.

Can I split the can and use the rest later?

We get asked this question a lot. We really do not recommend splitting of the cans. The epoxy resin and activator rely on exact measurements of each in order that the curing process works properly. The quantities are measured by a machine. If you split cans and get the measurements wrong, you risk the paint not drying.

Can I mix different colours of two-pack epoxy?

No. Never mix colours. Each will have different levels of epoxy resin and mixing two different products will affect the level of activator and you risk the paint not drying.

Can I use a different activator with my epoxy resin?

No. Please always use the correct activator with the resin. 

Can I paint two coats with one can of epoxy?

No. You must allow at least 24 hours before re-coating. If you apply a coat of wet paint over an existing layer of wet paint, the solvent on the first coat will not be able to evaporate and it will become trapped. Your floor will not dry properly. 

How long will the epoxy floor paint system last in the can once mixed?

As soon as the can of activator is poured into the epoxy resin, the curing process will begin. The pot life is up to 4 hours, giving plenty of time to pour and roll the paint out onto the floor. If you leave the mixed epoxy in the can for more than this period of time, it will cure and will solidify in the can. Please ensure you use the epoxy correctly. If you are unsure about any technical aspect of this type of paint, please call us on 01782 550733 and we will answer any questions you may have.

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