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Floor Coatings FAQ

Frequently asked questions on floor paint and floor coatings, including popular applications such as garage floor paint, concrete paint, anti-slip floor paint and epoxy floor paint. These FAQs address some of the common questions we address with customers, but if you have a specific query or would like clarification on any point, please feel free to discuss your project with our technical advisers on 01782 550733.

Floor Painting Issues FAQ

We have listed and explained the most common issues that we have come across over [...]

Floor Preparation Advice FAQ

To ensure that you achieve the maximum level of adherence between the paint and the [...]

Single Pack Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Single Pack Floor System - Our popular single pack paint system will give you a [...]

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint - Epoxy is our most hard-wearing and durable floor coating. There [...]

Floor Paint Systems FAQ

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Priming a Floor FAQ

Priming a Floor - You may have many questions about the benefits of priming a [...]