Floor Preparation Advice FAQ

Floor Preparation Advice

Floor Preparation Advice from Regal Paints – To ensure that you achieve the maximum level of adherence between the paint and the substrate, and therefore a long-lasting finish, how do you prepare a floor for painting? Here we give you our tips on floor preparation.

Floor Preparation Advice – Choosing Two-Pack or Single Pack Floor Paint for Painting Concrete

Choosing between a two-pack or single pack system is perhaps the most important decision and will depend on the kind of floor you have, the use for which it is intended and the budget you have for the project. To find out more, check out out guide to painting a floor.

How long should I wait before painting newly laid concrete?

Even though concrete may look dry within a short period of time, it may not be dry enough to apply floor paint. The rule of thumb is to allow one month per inch depth of concrete. If your concrete is 6 inches deep, allow 6 months before painting.

How do I check if the concrete is dry?

There are several tests that you can do, but the two most common basic tests are the clingfilm test and the use of a moisture meter. 

Clingfilm Test

  • Tape a 30cm square of clingfilm to the concrete using duct tape
  • Leave for 24 hours
  • If condensation appears on the clingfilm there is moisture present in the concrete
  • Or, if there is a dark patch on the concrete where the clingfilm has been, there is moisture present and the concrete is not dry.

Moisture Meter

  • Using a moisture meter and following the instructions for the chosen apparatus, you should look for a reading of below 8%

Will Regal Paint smooth a rough floor?

You must always prepare the floor surface properly and adequately. A standard epoxy floor paint will not smooth out the roughness of a floor and will take on the form of the substrate it is applied to. Good floor preparation advice indicates that If you have a particularly rough floor and are looking for a smoother finish, you should grind down the concrete to remove the ridges in the concrete and also clean the floor thoroughly prior to application of the sealer coat.

Can I paint a power-floated floor?

Yes you can, but as power-floated floors are like a polished surface the first coat will struggle to bond with the concrete. You will need to etch the surface of the power-floated floor. We recommend Regal Clean n Etch.



Newly Laid

  • Allow sufficient time for the concrete to dry
  • Run tests to check if the concrete is dry (see article)

Existing Paint on Floor

Please call us on 01782 550733 as specific preparation will be required

Rough Concrete

If you want a smoother finish, mechanically grind the floor or apply a thick self-levelling coating

Dirty Concrete

Clean using Regal Clean and Degrease

Smooth, Power-Floated Concrete

Use Regal Clean n Etch to open the surface of the concrete

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