Single Pack Floor Paint Systems FAQ

Single Pack Floor System

Our popular single pack floor paint systems will give you a long-lasting and quality finish to your floor. Here we answer the most commonly asked questions, from what primer coat to use to how long to wait until you walk on the floor.

Which single-pack first coat do I use to prime and seal the floor?

If you are going to use one of our single-pack floor paint systems, please use Regal Prime and Seal as the first coat to prime and seal the substrate. This is the only compatible first-coat to use with our single-pack top-coats. If you are unsure or need any help in choosing the correct products for your job, please call us on 01782 550733.

How long does it take for Regal Prime and Seal to dry?

Regal Prime and Seal is touch dry within 2-4 hours of application and dry enough to recoat after 24 hours.

How soon after priming can I apply the top-coat?

After applying Regal Prime and Seal to your floor, please allow at least 24 hours before applying the topcoat. If you do not allow the primer coat to fully dry, and then paint over it, the solvent in the primer (which is trying to evaporate) will become trapped and the paint will remain soft.

Preparing floor for single pack paint

See our Single Pack Floor Preparation Guide >

Do I need to stir single-pack floor paint?

Just like anything else, the materials used in single pack floor paint systems are subject to gravitational forces. This means that the heavier particles in the floor paint will sink to the bottom of the can. You will need to ensure that you mix the paint before use to bring the heavier particles up and into the mix. Be careful not to stir to aggressively so as to avoid creating bubbles in the paint. We recommend the use of a mechanical paint mixer which is attached to a drill.

What do I apply single-pack floor paint with?

As with all of our paints, a roller tray is not necessary. The best method for application of single pack floor paint systems is to pour directly onto the floor. Use specialist floor roller-sleeves and frames. Do not use ordinary wall-rollers from a DIY shop as they will not have solvent resistance and may disintegrate. You may also wish to cut in the edges with solvent-resistant brushes.

How many coats should I apply?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the floor that you are painting and the use that the floor is going to have. A rough and bumpy floor might need more than one coat of top-coat paint. If you need any advice on how much paint you need, please call us on 01782 550733.

How long do I wait between coats?

Please wait 24 hours between each coat.

How long before I can walk on the floor?

Wait 24 hours before walking on the floor and 48 hours before bringing vehicles or heavy goods and equipment back onto the floor.

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