Buyer: Gary Purnell
Product: Quick Drying Gloss Enamel
Date: 31 May 2015
Regal Floor Paints 10 Star Review

Just to say a big thank you to regal paints for producing and supplying a great product.this quick dry enamel product was the cheapest I could find on line so was was unsure of the product but took a chance, Aafter applying the product to bare metal frames I had fabricated, it was clear on spraying the first frame how well the product covered and within about 10 mins the paint was dry enough to move by hand. After leaving the frames outside for a day to dry further I then realised how hard the enamel paint was when I knocked into the frames stacking them with a fork lift, so if your after a quick dry hard enamel paint which requires no under coat this is in my opinion the best product I have used, I have used all types of enamel ,paints and this is by far the best, from gener8 genie ltd.

About Regal® Quick Drying Gloss Enamel

Regal® Quick Drying Gloss Enamel – This enamel paint is a single coat metal paint  which is tough, long lasting, and fast drying. It is manufactured in a gloss finish made on a high build alkyd. It has high impact resistance, and is compatible with most primers or as a single coat. Quick Drying Gloss Enamel can be used for a variety of applications as diverse as machinery paint, skip paint, shipping container paint and tractor paint.


Regal Paints® - Metal Paint Manufacturers

Regal Paints® manufacture high performance metal paint for a range of industrial and commercial applications. These specialist paints include our two pack epoxy metal paints as well as our single pack metal paints like Aluminium Quick Dry Enamel, Decorative GlossOne Coat Steel Enamel, Quick Drying Gloss Enamel, and skip paint. Our paints are also available in a versatile range of colours, including old favourites like red oxide primer and red oxide paint as we well as modern staples like black metal paint and grey metal paint. All of the Regal range of metal primers and topcoats are formulated to provide the very best possible protection on a wide range of substrates. We continue to supply our paints to many new and long-standing customers in the engineering, agricultural, construction and trade sectors and are able to formulate and supply bespoke solutions and manufacture to your RAL (quantity dependent). In addition to our range of metal paint products, Regal Paints provide a comprehensive selection of floor paint, masonry paint and timber paint as well as paints for specialist applications.
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