Regal Round Up – August: The Power of Preparation & Traditional Paint

The Power of Preparation & Traditional Paint

Welcome back to our regular roundup of the finest blogs on painting and decorating the world wide web has to offer.


Whether you’re a professional painter and decorator, a veteran DIYer or a homeowner keen to spruce up their space, our monthly Regal Paint roundup is chock full of ideas, advice, tips and inspiration.

This month: How do you decide when it’s time to call in the professionals to help with a decorating project? What makes good preparation such an important part of any painting and decorating job? And what’s so special about traditional paints? Let’s find out…

Should You Hire a Professional Decorator?

Whether you’re a dedicated DIYer or don’t know your screwdriver from your sofa, there comes a point in many a DIY decorating project when homeowners look around and think “I should have hired a decorator”.

When it comes to speed and accuracy, there’s no beating what the professionals are capable of, after all, it’s what they do! So how can you decide whether or not its better to get in the experts, or undertake a project yourself? This is the question the Decorwise blog sets out to answer in this post.

Easier, in many cases cheaper, disaster free and often ensuring a higher quality finish, Decorwise make some pretty persuasive arguments for putting your feet up and leaving it to professional painters and decorators.

The Art of Preparation

According to good preparation is “70-80% of the job”. The message is simple: Get your set up just right before you begin and you’ll enjoy a simpler painting process, along with a much sleeker finish and better results. So what makes the perfect preparation?

This very helpful resource on the Traditional Painter website features advice and guidance on setting up for all sorts of decorating projects, whether you’re looking for the perfect primer or getting ready to restore wooden furniture. Handy stuff – and there’s lots more where that came from, suitable for both painter & decorators and DIYers!

Traditional Paints: A Splash of History

Whether you’re living in (or decorating) a historic property, or want to use Green materials with a rich history, traditional paints are an interesting option to consider. From clay and distemper, to paints incorporating lime, clay and chalk, these materials ensure updates are in keeping when you revamp a historic building and give you the opportunity to give properties a natural look with eco-friendly credentials.

Are you eager to learn more about traditional paints? Juniper-Ash Decorating‘s website is a treasure trove of information and guidance. Explore their expert resource here.

Have you used traditional paints in the past? What was your experience? How important do you think preparation is to good painting and decorating? Have your say and share your stories below.