Regal Round Up – June: Tiles & Perfection

Tiles & Perfection

This month we’re taking a break from painting to appreciate the beauty of a tiled floor, from amazing hexagonal designs inspired by Spanish culture, to mock maple tiles which look just like real wood. We’ll also be debating “perfection” and asking: Can any space every be totally perfect? Let’s get started…


Well hello there interior designers, DIYers, painters and decorators! A warm welcome back to Regal Paint’s Regal Roundup – a monthly dose of interior design inspiration and practical painting ideas from right across the blogging sphere.

Tiles & Perfection

Floor Tiles Just Got Gorgeous

We may specialise in floor paints, but we know that a painted floor isn’t right for every home, or every room – variety is the spice of life, after all! This picture-rich blog post from The Decorating Diva is testament to that. Packed with beautiful wall and floor tiles from the Diva’s virtual trip to Peronda Group‘s Castellon showroom, this post is full of beautiful ideas for tiled flooring which really packs a design punch. If we didn’t love a beautifully painted flloor so much, we’d be buying Peronda Group‘s traditionally-inspired Argila tiles in bulk. Which are your favourites?

Is There Room for Perfectionism in Interior Design?

Whether you’re a DIY-happy homeowner or a professional painter and decorator, you’ll know that when it comes to interiors there’s really no such thing as “perfect”. No matter how smooth your plastering or how immaculate your floor paint, creating an interior in which you’d not change a thing is nigh on impossible…

This is a quandary perfectly summed up by Nicole Balch of the Making it Lovely blog. A lover of interior design beauty, Nicole has recently been reminded that when you’re designing the spaces around you, sometimes “Done is better than perfect”. Do you agree? Have you ever designed or completed an interior project you were 100% happy with? Share your stories below.

Floorspiration: Smooth Maple

If you’re a lover of beautiful flooring, this drool inducing post from Centsational Girl, Kate Riley, will certainly pique your interest. A dedicated bargain hunter, design lover and self-confessed incurable DIY-er, Kate’s blog is crammed to the brim with amazing interior design DIY ideas, tips, tricks and more than a little desirable style goodness.
Now we love a painted real wood floor as much as the next specialist floor paint experts, but we also know that the look of raw wood can be just as good. Except these floorboards aren’t wood at all – they’re mock wood ceramic tile. This style has actually blown our minds a little bit! What do you think? Have your say below.

Are you a wood person or a tile person? Do you believe that interior design perfection can be achieved? Share your thoughts with our readers.