Garage Floor Transformations

Garage Floor Transformations - How to Paint a Garage Floor

Garage interiors come in for plenty of wear and tear, so choosing the right garage floor paint really matters. From hot car tyres, grit, ice and drips of oil, a garage floor really has to stand up to a lot!

A garage can quickly become a dumping ground for things that won’t go anywhere else in your home, and yet you might not want to throw away right then! Unfortunately, over time, you can soon find that your car won’t fit in any more and you find yourself with a messy store room with your car parked out on the street!

Fortunately, this state of affairs can be quickly turned around!

One of the easiest places to begin is with the garage floor itself. One way to make a real difference to your garage is with a coat of garage floor paint – Regal make this versatile paint in a wide range of colours and grades of toughness. For a floor paint that is easy to apply, and suitable for areas of moderate wear, many people might choose our popular quick dry garage floor paint. For a really beautiful surface, car showroom style surface you might want use our epoxy floor paint, which is tough, durable and gives an excellent finish, especially when finished off with Regal’s final coat.

To complete the job, why stop where the paint ends? Many of our customers use the opportunity to do a total garage transformation, perhaps getting roller garage doors fitted. These come in a range of colours to suit windows and fittings and doors can really enhance your property value. Roller doors also have the benefit of being remotely control, insulated and highly secure. They might even take your can insurance premiums down!