Soaring high with Eagle Chemicals’ resins

Eagle Chemicals

The key to great paint formulation and happy repeat customers is good ingredients. Perhaps the most important ingredient in all paint formulation is its resin. Recent years have seen the closure and relocation of many of the UK’s resin manufacturing plants. This has meant that paint manufacturers such as ourselves have had to cast our net wide to find reliable suppliers. We are fortunate to have found fantastic resin suppliers over the past 30 years that have offered us invaluable technical support and enable us to develop a product we are proud of. Eagle Chemicals’ resins and polymers have become an increasingly important supplier over the past 10 years. We have links to their technical staff going back 30 years.

The key benefits of Eagle Chemicals resins and polymers for an industrial coatings manufacturer are:

  1. High quality products with very good performance from Eagle Chemicals’ 215,000 tonnes capacity factories.
  2. Wide range of solutions for structural & coatings applications from a manufacturer supplying over 70 countries.
  3. Responsive and obliging technical and logistical support.
  4. Stable and highly competitive pricing structure.

Regal Paint are proud to use Eagle Chemical’s products in our range of floor paints.