How to Remove Paint from Carpet

How to remove paint from carpet

Removing Paint from your Carpets

Industrial paint products are great, especially when it comes to their durability and long lasting adhesion to surfaces, but when floor paint gets in the wrong place, it can be a problem. In order to make sure your carpets are protected and removal is effective as possible, you may require professional commercial cleaning services. With regular paints such as water-based paints, oil based stains and latex paint stains, there are a series of DIY hacks you might like to try. A word of advice though – please remember to carry out a spot removal check on an area of carpet or upholstery that is not usually seen.

Removing water based paint marks from carpets

  • If the water based paint stain is still wet, just blot the area with a wet kitchen towel, don’t scrub it, just blot the area.
  • If the water based paint stain has dried, use hot some hot water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Allow that solution sit on the surface of the carpet for a few minutes in order to allow the paint to soften.
  • Once the paint has softened, use a pin or a knife to scrape the paint stain. Whilst scraping, you can continue to add more solution.
  • If the paint will not soften and you have been following the steps above, you might consider making use of a handheld steamer while you are scraping, which may eventually remove the paint stain.

Removing water oil based paint marks from carpets

  • With dry paint, you will need to use a handheld steamer to soften the stain.
  • You should ensure that you apply steam directly to the stain.
  • At the same time, you should pick at the paint area with a sharp object like a pin or a knife in order to break up the paint.
  • You should continue until stain is removed, and take time and care to avoid damaging the carpet fibres.

Removing latex based paint marks from carpets

  • First you should try to blot the spot using kitchen towel in order to remove as much of the wet paint as you can, taking care not to scrub in order to avoid pushing paint further into the carpet fibres.
  • Mix a cup of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent – just make sure the detergent is mild.
  • Begin by working away at the outside of the paint stain, gradually moving inward and carefully removing paint as you proceed by blotting the affected area.
  • Once complete, allow the area dry completely, then follow the process by vacuuming.