Painting driveways and patios with floor paint?

Driveway Paint - After

Regal Paints manufacture paints for commercial and industrial interior floors as well as for metal coatings. Aside from these intended uses for our paints, we have had many customers using our floor paints during lockdown as driveway and patio paints.

Heres what one of our customers wrote in after painting their driveway in our grey floor paint:

Hello I bought your paint just over a month ago as I had my driveway re-concreted. It was ok but just needed a freshen up because it looked dull and patchy. Your paint did a great job. Only did the one coat and will do another once I get home soon. See below a before and after picture.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we have sold thousands of litres of paint to customers for the purpose of painting patios and driveways, we have not tested our paints in these settings and can offer no guarantee of long-term durability. To discuss the kinds of paint our customers buy for such applications, please feel free to contact us.

Driveway Paint - Before
Driveway Paint - After