Why is Grey Floor Paint so popular for Garage Floors?

Light Grey Floor Paint - Nigel Davis - Two Pack Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

When it comes to garage floor paints, grey floor paint is consistently our best selling product lines. While Regal manufacture this floor paint in two shades of grey, it is the lighter of the two that we are asked for repeatedly, comprising a mammoth 70% of all our colour requests! From stadiums to showrooms and galleries to garages, it seems that light grey floor paint (BS 00A05 – BS Goose Grey) fits the purpose exceptionally well!

Reasons for this are diverse and they give a good idea of how form relates to function in the environment for which they are intended. For example, without really noticing, many car owners will have purchased their vehicles from car showrooms where the immaculate floors are finished in a light grey paint, which has the effect of reflecting the light while hiding dirt. The neutral hue of grey means that the car itself stands our nicely, without clashing with the colour of the showroom floor.

In the home setting, customers may want to produce a showroom grade single or double garage floor. Fortunately, our products are as at home in a domestic setting as they are in a premium garage. We have a vast amount of experience in delivering the right products for successful flooring projects and are able to advise our customers on all aspects that need to be taken into account, from preparation and tools through to timing, weather, humidity and techniques for optimal paint application. Please call our helpful team for advice and assistance with any of our product types and colours.