Regal Round Up – April: Going Solo & Brightening Walls

Going Solo & Brightening Walls

Hello and welcome back to the Regal Round Up. This is the Regal Paint team’s dedicated spot for sharing our favourite blogs and resources all about painting, decorating and DIY every month.

Each month we keep tabs on the best of the world wide web, sharing the best blogs, most helpful resources and most interesting reads all about the practical side of painting and decorating. Whether you’re a professional looking for some inspiration for a current project, or a novice DIYer wondering whether you should go it alone, you’ll find plenty of great stuff below.

This month; read Decorwise’s article to find out whether you should “DIY it” or hire in a decorator, get inspired by The Painted Hive, plus discover 20 cool, creative décor upgrades for that blank piece of wall…

Should You Hire a Decorator?

How hard can it be, right?” is the phrase which launched a million ill-advised DIY projects. While doing it yourself can save money and give you that warm self-satisfied feeling, for total novices, it’s often better to accept that painting and decorating isn’t in your skill set and leave it to the professionals. This helpful blog from Decorwise will help you decide whether or not it’s time to hire in a professional decorator, or, in fact, go it alone.

  • What projects do you have on the cards at the moment? Will you be hiring in the professionals or doing it yourself? Have your say below.

Design Inspiration from The Painted Hive

Going Solo & Brightening Walls


Home enthusiast and talented DIYer Kristine of The Painted Hive certainly wouldn’t need to call the professionals in. She’s got her interiors well and truly covered – and looking drop dead gorgeous. If you’ve ever felt a little uninspired when it comes to home furnishings, Kristine’s blog is the place to go to get your groove back, with a whole bundle of ongoing projects to keep up with and get inspired by. Here’s a sneak peek at how her latest Living-Dining Room Makeover is coming along. Lovely stuff.

20 Creative Wall Décor Projects

Wall Decor

Looking for an interior design project you can absolutely tackle yourself? This fantastic, idea-crammed blog from Artsy Chicks Rule blogger Nancy is the perfect place to start. Packed with fun projects you can undertake to brighten and embolden your everyday spaces, this is a fantastic resource for anyone with a bland expanse of wall and a rainy afternoon or two on their hands.
Which is your favourite creative wall décor project? Do you like to do things yourself or prefer to call in the painters and decorators? Have your say below.