Regal Round Up – January: Painting & Productivity

Painting and Productivity

A very warm welcome back to the Regal Round Up during this especially chilly spell! Cold weather always makes us feel like nesting and investing some time in making the spaces we occupy just a little bit nicer and neater.

If your interiors (or exteriors, if you’re prepared to brave the chill!) are in need of a spruce up, we stock top quality, affordable paints for both DIYers as well as painters and decorators. We’ve also compiled a brand new round up, stocked with painting and decorating inspiration which will get you in the mood for your next project…

This month; find out how the power of interior design can improve student performance at school, get some tips on sprucing up your restaurant and transform your home office into a haven.

Could a Classroom Makeover Boost Student Performance?

We regularly witness first hand exactly how much of a positive difference a freshly decorated and upgraded interior can make to the individuals who spend time in it. So we love it when we come across blogs and resources which demonstrate this effect in action. In this fascinating post from CPD (painting since 1967!), the decorating experts explore the impact of a fresh classroom makeover on the performance of the students who study in it. From flexible designs which allow for more versatile study, to enhanced motivation thanks to an improved working environment, the benefits of an upgrade are manifold and well worth learning about.

Painting London’s Restaurants


Some restaurants and eateries seem to change their décor and exterior every three months, others let their paint jobs languish for years before arranging a spruce up. LGC Decorators have seen it all during their years painting the restaurants of London, and they have a few helpful words of advice for businesses planning a paint job or overhaul. From ensuring that updates are in line with Local Authority regulations, to working with a painter and decorator you can trust, there are some tips worth taking note of in this blog.

17 Ways to Beautify a Home Office

Whether you’re updating a home office for a client or planning a spot of DIY yourself, you need look no further than decor8 blogger Holly Becker‘s beautiful post containing 17 clever and ever-so chic ways to beautify your home working space. Inspired by her friend’s amazing home office, Holly has shared some wonderful design and organisation ideas which we’re willing to be will make any work day feel immeasurably more blissful and productive!

Do you work from home? How would you like to upgrade your office space? Share your ideas with other readers below.