Regal Round Up – November: Front Doors & Tricks of the Trade

Front Doors & Tricks of the Trade

Hello there and welcome to Regal Paints’ November Regal Round Up. We stock high performance paints for both professional painters and decorators and keen DIYer – which means we like to keep up with the latest tips, tricks and techniques. Each month we collect our favourite posts and blogs to share you with, so you can create even more beautiful spaces.

This month: Learn the tricks of the trade from a team of skilled painters and decorators to get that perfect finish, find out how to degrease kitchen cupboards ready for a revamp and give the façade of any home a spruce up with a freshly painted front door.

5 Tricks of the Trade for DIY Painting & Decorating

Front Doors & Tricks of the Trade

So you want to paint and decorate your home yourself? No experience? Not sure where to start? Not sure you can achieve a professional finish? No problem, the Never Paint Again blog has some valuable advice to share which will help you make the job a good’un. From focussing on quality materials and tools, to giving good preparation the time it deserves to make certain you pull of a flawless finish, there’s lots of helpful advice and many invaluable pointers to be found in this list. Thanks guys!

How to Degrease Kitchen Cabinets for Perfect Painting

If you’re preparing to give your kitchen a spruce up, simply sanding and repainting is often not enough to create the brand spanking new finish you’re after. In busy kitchens, cabinets have a habit of becoming rather greasy, with lots of food stuffs and activities adding to the mess. This means that before you’re ready to repaint, a thorough degreasing is required to ensure your revamped cupboards look good as new.

Not sure how to approach degreasing? Don’t worry! The informative Oisin Butler blog has a helpful guide to getting it right. Follow Oisin Butler on Twitter for even more interior decorating tips and tricks.

How to Restore a Wooden Door

Time for some more door restoration – this time for the most important door in the home – the front door. Proverbs tell us to never judge books by their covers, but when it comes to houses, it’s impossible not to build a first impression from the appearance of a front door. That’s what makes The Invisible Painter‘s instructive post on revamping the entrance to your home a great read for anyone keen to give the façade of their bolt hole a bit of a freshen up. From removing your door to applying a perfect top coat, all the information you need to brighten up the exterior of your home quickly and easily can be found here.