Your Garage – the “Swiss Army Knife” of Rooms?

Garage - Swiss Army Knife of Rooms

Chances are that if your house includes a garage, it has been used for a whole variety of purposes since you owned your home! While some people use their garages to store their cars, there are many other people who put them to all kinds of uses, just like a trusty Swiss Army Knife!

For some, a garage is a great room to set up a home gym, with a weights bench and plates crashing on the floor. Other people may be DIY types and have their “garages” rigged out as fully functional workshops. Still others may have pets safely housed in those rooms intended for cars! Given the sheer diversity of functions for garages within modern homes, it should come as no surprise that there are a variety of garage floor paint types available for creating the surface you desire, and getting it right depends mainly on the use you intend to put the room to, the budget you are prepared to allocate to the project and the difficulty of painting the floor.
Broadly speaking, these considerations break your choices for painting a garage floor down into a decision between the use of either single pack garage floor paints or two pack epoxy garage floor paints. The difference between these two types of paint if detailed elsewhere, but suffice it to say in brief that single pack paints are often easy to apply, relatively inexpensive and suitable for light wear and tear, while two pack paints are more durable, longer lasting and also requiring greater technical ability to install successfully.