Regal Round Up – November: Paint Rollers & the Royal Albert Hall

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Hi there! An increasingly wintry welcome back to the Regal Round Up, Regal Paint’s monthly collection of the latest and greatest blogs all about painting, decorating, home improvement and DIY – designed for both amateurs and professionals.

Each month with keep up with our favourite related blogs, then select the best of the bunch to share with you to help make more homes and premises look and feel marvellous.

This month; find out which paint rollers you really should be using, find out how to decorate a rented property and meet the full time painter and decorator responsible for the Royal Albert Hall.

Choosing the Right Rollers

Let’s rock and roll! If you’re preparing to get painting, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to hand. A Bad workman may blame their tools, but the right tools really can make all the difference to the level of finish you can achieve. That’s what makes this blog from decorating pro Adrian Rayfield such a handy read. In the post, Adrian describes which rollers are right for which job, helping both professionals and DIYers complete perfect projects and create seamless finishes.

Decorating Dilemmas: Rental Properties

Rental Properties

Home is where the heart is, but for those of you who rent a property, you’ll know that making your mark and putting your stamp on a premises is somewhat difficult when you have a landlord’s preferences to consider, especially if you’re a fan of bright colours and bold designs. This blog from London Painter Decorators’ Matthew Strowger raises the issue and starts to unpack a few ideas which will allow you to personalise rented spaces, with incurring your landlord’s wrath or losing your deposit.


Meet the Royal Albert Hall’s Painter & Decorator

For those of us for whom DIY and painting is an annual task, the idea of totally redecorating an average property can seem daunting. But what if you were responsible for keeping a building like the Royal Albert Hall in perfect condition? That’s the job of full-time on site decorator Frank Borg who has been painting and preserving the Hall since 2008. This fascinating video gives us a look into the world of the Hall and Frank’s amazing career.